The #1 Tip for Success as a Self-published Author

 Okay so let’s get right to it. You have the novel you’ve been keeping under lock and key, and you are all ready to publish it. You don’t care how many people actually read it; you just want to see your life’s work in print. Well, if you just don’t care what happens in the future as far as your writing career goes, let me suggest one thing: do not edit your work.

There you have it, the number one tip for success by getting your novel in the hands of more readers, is editing. Good editing that you will have to invest in is worth every penny. Especially if you want to be taken seriously in the industry of writing, you will need to have your works edited. I know this fact all too well.

I made the mistake of self-publishing too fast without a professional edit of my first book. Now granted I sold over one hundred copies on the first print, which is a success for any author. (Selling even one book is a feat all in itself). But I had to deal with some not so good reviews from even my closest friends who knew I was a good writer.

My best tip for any self-published author is to take the little pennies you do have and hire an editor. You can even get on Fiverr to get some help with it. I know, it sounds crazy, but it can be done economically. But if it sounds like a ridiculous price to pay, then it probably is.

Pay attention to who you trust with your work as well. As I’ve always done, get it copyrighted before you let it leave your hands. It is easy to do online now. As your work is in process you can have all the editing done and self-publish when it is really ready to be shown to the world. With that, go on ahead and step out on faith and get that masterpiece edited.


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