Don't Quit Your Day Job

 In 2018 I was working at my day job when I encountered a horrible customer. I worked at a call center and most times the customers I spoke to on a daily basis have problems with their services or just have questions. This call though was by far the worst call I had ever had in my career. The customer basically berated me so much stating how worthless I was and that this care package for their college student was a matter of life or death. Of course, they were exaggerating but I felt empathetic of their issues and closed the call the best I could. But by the time I got to my car, I was in tears. Right before I left the office the management team was hunkered at the entrance, and I voiced my issues and concerns with the call holding back my tears. They gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed for that moment. But I had it made up in my mind, I was not coming back to be belittled, berated, and judged by people who feel entitled because they didn’t have to do the job that I was doing.

Flash forward to later that day when I found an article about my job site and hurricane Florence evacuees. This seemingly unimportant business had taken it upon itself to evacuate 50 of our employees and bring them to Columbus, OH because our NC site was in the eye of the storm. Later that night I had a dream and the Lord basically showed me how I could be of more service there and that I could not quit my day job. This job not only helped to pay my bills, but it allowed me to follow my dreams as a writer. It also helped me to still be a contributor to society with my disability as well. There had been some management transitions that I at first was not enthusiastic about, however this action of the company to help families in need touched my heart. Not many companies would do what they did during such a traumatic event.

So, I say this, if you are at a job where it can get frustrating to continue on, remember this. What is your dream and how is your current position helping you to reach it? If you were in the same boat as me, working on a dream, then maybe you should chuck it up my friend and keep that job because you don’t know where it could take you. I was able to work efficiently at Contact Us for over 7 years with my limitations. The management was great at assisting their employees in the things they needed to not only further their careers but cover their families. I was so glad that I had a place where I could assist a multitude of customers who need our services. Even though I am formally educated in psychology and social work, I have been able to utilize my education to help my clients. Yeah, it may be a “stupid job” to those who feel it’s beneath them to do, but it was mine. So, don’t quit your day job just yet. Let it be fuel for your dreams to come true like I did. Currently I am operating a successful writing firm. I wouldn't be where I am today if I had quit my day job too early.


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